Tau Platinum

100% British Made
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Tau Platinum

Hematite PlatinumDress Wear Bracelet not to be worn near perfume or water



Elements: 10mm Hematite Platinum-plated all linked using our own crystal thread for strength knotted 9 times
Sizing is important on the stretch bracelets to secure a perfect fit for YOU. Please measure your wrist prior to purchase to avoid disappointment. The variance is two cm on each bracelet so you can choose if you wish a loose or tighter fit.

Example: if you choose the 14cm – 16cm size this will be loose on a 14cm wrist size whilst being snug if your wrist is 16cm and room for movement for a 15cm wrist size, if unsure there is an option to measure your wrist and message us with the details for a perfect fit to suit you.

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Weight 35 g

2 reviews for Tau Platinum

  1. jasen

    Platinum and gold and they look great together hoping they don’t break as I really like this

  2. walter

    bought this three times as I want it for gifts for my grooms men and it looks great with the grey suit

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