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Pyrite Cube



Elements: 10 mm Pyrite Cube – Round all linked using Brown colour waxed cord and the Hercules Knot. Stunning Pyrite Cubed bracelet.

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Weight 35 g

8 reviews for Adonis

  1. Janine Gove

    I had my iron pyrite bracelet in red thread for determination and a clear reminder. It’s chunky and quite angular which is exactly what I was after. Love it. Mine was an 8mm Pyrite

  2. Karen @ Zebredellas

    Hi Thank you Janine I shall try and add the image of your bracelet to the website it was a lovely choice the red thread…

  3. Paco

    very heavy really good quality did not expect that with so much rubbish for sale these days love this its really great

  4. Yvonne

    seen this on another website and it is a lot cheaper here and great looking well made

  5. Paloma F

    Pyrite is perfect really nice

  6. Dagamar

    lång väg att resa men väl värt det och var snabbare än jag trodde riktigt bra tack

  7. David Jones

    Bought this wonderful bracelet for my wife, looks great with really good quality

  8. mary p

    item is just perfect thank you

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