About Zebredellas

My jewellery designs are unique and individually handcrafted here in Great Britain. I design and make the jewellery incorporating natural and manmade stones, beads, charms and talismans of which no two are the same giving them their uniqueness.

My jewellery has more significance than the average wearer understands, deep within the history and myth lies philosophies many still believe and follow faithfully today.

Whether you are buying to help your spiritual path, for healing and meditation, or if you are just stylish the right jewellery is sure to satisfy your taste.

I am naturally attracted to the stones and crystals we need to wear by our vibrations. Some stones are for love, friendship, peace, strength, protection, each one being unique.

Zodiac and Birthstone information does not have to be relevant to the purpose, everyone including pets will benefit from wearing any natural element each one having healing properties. Gemstones have the power to transform your life so choose what pleases you.

Moonlight is a delicate non-colour altering way of cleansing your gemstones and crystals allowing natural energy in. So leave them in the moonlight overnight to re-energise now and again.

If you are unsure in any way and would like some guidance please do not hesitate to contact me, I can help you choose the right stones, crystals and thread.

Each design I craft holds special memories and I hope to create special memories for you too.